Silver Furniture

Unique Silver Furniture

Silver furniture adds a touch of opulence to any room, and our range includes antique looking silver leaf Rococo cabinets, boudoir tables and dressing tables through to more contemporary silver furniture including mirrors, chairs and silver dining tables. Silver furniture is so popular and is such a versatile colour that it can be matched with practically any style of home, whether that be modern or traditional. For some silver furniture design inspiration, take a look at how our interior designers have utilised silver leaf furniture in our Show Home Portfolio.

An intricate, antique style silver chair or chaise longue can add a beautiful finishing touch to a bedroom, or a silver drawer chest can add that opulent touch to a hallway and our Vision Silver Leaf Dining Table can literally transform a dining room. So why not take a look and see where you could use some silver furniture in your home?

Silver Furniture Custom-made

We have a unique and stunning range of silver furniture in our Vision Silver Furniture range. Within this range you will find a collection of truly stunning and unique pieces of silver furniture. One of our biggest sellers is the absolutely stunning Vision Silver Leaf Dining Table. This silver table demands attention from all who behold it. It really is a true head-turner!

The Vision silver furniture collection is custom-made and the silver dining tables can be built to your specific requirements. You can choose from silver leaf, gold leaf, or champagne gold leaf, all of which are truly beautiful. To match with our Vision silver dinng tables, you will find our Paris Silver Dining Chair and our Diva Silver Dining Chair, both of which are available in a choice of fabrics and would look absolutely incredible matched with our silver dining tables. Sideboards and mirrors are also available in our Vision silver furniture section. View our entire Vision Silver Furniture range.